Friday, May 15, 2009

meet your meat

2 week ago,our lecturer show us a short clip about animals cruelty.After I saw the short clip,only I know that how humans threat the animals,they show no mercy to them.At the starting of the clip they show us how butchers kill the poultry,they don't kill them directly ,firstly the butcher hit the chicken with a stick kind of thing without killing them leaving them in pain.At that moment i thought why don't they kill them at the spot why do they torture them if it was human...?After that was the slotter of cows this was the most cruel thing i have ever saw,the process was they place the cows in a very small cage that fit they prefectly with no room to move,then they cut off their private part when they are still breathing and feeling after that the secound worst part was they cut off the cow horn...why don't they kill them first then only cut the parts out...i feel that the animals are so pitty why must they go through that much to become our food.

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