Thursday, July 9, 2009

Learning in the future

The world now is getting more and more advance,maybe in future ,we won't even need to drive manually all the car maybe have change into Auto-pilots car.In future ,maybe we don't even need to bring money or credit card to shopping we just need to bring our cell phone and all the functions are inside,so imagine the education system then ,how would us going to study is surely that we are going to use computers instad of book.alot of sprts we also change to high-tech games,maybe not evenhave to go down to the field yourself,maybe is just like playing video games .Is even possible that ,there will no school left ,it will all change to online studying .I think,even that it looks fun studying in future but i preter the sports now that we have to go down the field and play it fizically . So as a conclusiobn every thing have its pros and cans even in future erery thing might looks good but they will never feel the true meaning of certain things.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Why do people get divorce so easily?Especially young people,they are many reason for this to happen for example,couple that are not mature enough ,always quarrel for small thing.besides that they are not understanding enough for each other.For some other people they are too hurry to get marry , before even knowing the other half totally.This also led to the third party coming into a relationship because they will start to lose their feeling for each other that means 'divorce' again.But most of the reason young people get merry so early is because doing that 'thing' without any safety measurement resulting in young age pregnancy so they are force to marry not even sure that they love each other.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Do you think there is too much fighting on t.v why or why not?

yes i do think there are too much fighting scene on t.v.Because having fighting scene on tv will make the movie more intersting and attract more people to watch it,if there are no fighting scene on a movie it will be a very boring show.Thus there are so many action packed movie now a days.

Friday, May 15, 2009

meet your meat

2 week ago,our lecturer show us a short clip about animals cruelty.After I saw the short clip,only I know that how humans threat the animals,they show no mercy to them.At the starting of the clip they show us how butchers kill the poultry,they don't kill them directly ,firstly the butcher hit the chicken with a stick kind of thing without killing them leaving them in pain.At that moment i thought why don't they kill them at the spot why do they torture them if it was human...?After that was the slotter of cows this was the most cruel thing i have ever saw,the process was they place the cows in a very small cage that fit they prefectly with no room to move,then they cut off their private part when they are still breathing and feeling after that the secound worst part was they cut off the cow horn...why don't they kill them first then only cut the parts out...i feel that the animals are so pitty why must they go through that much to become our food.