Thursday, July 9, 2009

Learning in the future

The world now is getting more and more advance,maybe in future ,we won't even need to drive manually all the car maybe have change into Auto-pilots car.In future ,maybe we don't even need to bring money or credit card to shopping we just need to bring our cell phone and all the functions are inside,so imagine the education system then ,how would us going to study is surely that we are going to use computers instad of book.alot of sprts we also change to high-tech games,maybe not evenhave to go down to the field yourself,maybe is just like playing video games .Is even possible that ,there will no school left ,it will all change to online studying .I think,even that it looks fun studying in future but i preter the sports now that we have to go down the field and play it fizically . So as a conclusiobn every thing have its pros and cans even in future erery thing might looks good but they will never feel the true meaning of certain things.

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